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Oven Cleaning
At Professional House & Carpet Cleaning we provide you with the ultimate professional domestic oven cleaning & valeting service that will leave your oven in near showroom condition.
Our highly specialised deep cleaning system or valeting as we refer to our service, is the perfect solution to restore all makes and models including hobs, extractor hoods and microwave ovens.
Oven Cleaning
Our range of unique environmentally friendly and caustic freeoven cleaning solutions, exclusive to Professional House & Carpet Cleaning specialists, gives outstanding results to all oven brands and models; including electric oven cleaning, gas oven cleaning and range oven cleaning. Tough enough to cut through even the most stubborn stains, these nontoxic solutions are also gentle, working to maintain and protect all manner of oven façades and interiors; from stainless steel to enamel, chrome to glass.
Specialising in deep cleans, Professional House & Carpet Cleaning specialists are fully equipped to put the sparkle back into your kitchen by undertaking a range of professional domestic oven cleaning services - including oven door cleaning, oven glass cleaning and oven rack cleaning. Our specialists aim to cause minimal disturbance to you in your home, so all removable parts are soaked in special baths outside your property. This also ensures your home remains hygienic and mess free!
Hob Cleaning
Cookers come in a range of makes, models and designs and whether you require a specific ceramic hob cleaning service, enamel cleaning or stainless steel hob cleaning, our specialists are fully trained to achieve a showroom result on your gas or electric hob every time.
Our non-caustic unique cooker cleaning solutions will give your hob a sparkling clean finish. What's more, the gentle non-caustic formula is safe to use on any surface - from ceramic to enamelled, and chrome to stainless steel, we work to uphold and protect the finish of your hob.
If your oven is ‘built-in’ there will generally be a separate hob that sits in the worktop. Our system and products will produce superb results on all hob types including gas, electric, ceramic and halogen. We’ll be delighted to include the hob in an all inclusive quotation.
Range Cleaning
Don't battle with backbreaking range cleaning, or struggle to keep your stove clean - let Professional House & Carpet Cleaning take on this taxing chore! Our specialists are fully equipped to clean all makes and models of ranges and stoves. Our professional range cleaning service ensures that your range or stove continues to take pride of place at the heart of your kitchen.
Our specialists provide spectacular results on all Range style ovens including Lacanche, Rangemaster, Smeg, DeLonghi and Belling to name just a few.
Professional House & carpet Cleaning specialists are fully trained, professional oven cleaning specialists and provide reliable and friendly service completely safe and eco-friendly.
Our primary objective is to provide a professional oven cleaning service for you that you’ll remember for all the right reasons so you’ll be comfortable and confident in recommending us to family and friends.
In all cases, our experts will help you to explain exactly which type of appliances you have so that your all inclusive quotation is accurate and will also ensure that sufficient time is allocated to produce the outstanding results we know you’ll expect.
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